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Handbook of Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremity Examination. A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9783031378034
ISBN: 9783031378034
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In addition to complementary radiographic imaging, the physical exam is an essential diagnostic element for the orthopedic surgeon. As such, learning to perform this exam thoroughly is of utmost importance to medical students, residents and interns on an orthopedic rotation and in later practice.

This practical text succinctly presents all of the necessary information regarding the physical examination of the lower extremity and lumbar spine. The lower spine, hip, knee, and foot and ankle are discussed in dedicated thematic sections, with each section comprised of three main chapters. The initial chapter describes the musculoskeletal anatomy and function of the joint, presenting the tests themselves along with the rationale for performing them. The second chapter presents the systematic examinations carried out in every case, and the third chapter describes examinations for specific conditions relating to the joint, including tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, neurological conditions, deformities and more. Plentiful bullet points and color images throughout the text describe and illustrate each test and physical sign.

Convenient and user-friendly, Handbook of Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremity Examination is a valuable, portable guide to this all-important diagnostic tool for students and practitioners alike.