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Hung’s Management of the Difficult and Failed Airway, Fourth Edition

ISBN: 9781264278329
ISBN: 9781264278329
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A full-color, case-based guide to effectively managing airway difficulties—updated to reflect the latest guidelines, devices, and techniques

Written by the creators of the Difficult Airway Course: Anesthesia™ and presented in full-color, this trusted resource covers the latest guidelines, leading-edge principles, tools, and procedures of airway assessment and management. Multidisciplinary in scope, the book encompasses the key areas of anesthesia, hospitalists, intensivists, emergency medicine, and paramedicine.

Updated and revised, this fourth edition includes the most current review available of the many innovations that been introduced since publication of the previous edition. This is accompanied by a thorough review of the pharmacology of airway management designed to help you understand how to achieve the desired effects on ventilation and muscle strength. You’ll find expert advice and strategies for treating patients in a range of settings, from pre-hospital care to the ER, as well as proven techniques for special patient populations.

Hung’s Management of the Difficult and Failed Airway, Fourth Edition features:

  • Skill-building, case-based approach that highlights that the right tools and techniques
  • Comprehensive review of the difficult or failed airway
  • Chapter-ending questions that reinforce learning and allow you to assess your knowledge
  • Dozens of airway management vignettes covering the intensive care unit, operating room, pediatric population, emergency room, and more
  • New: 15 additional chapters
  • New: Coverage on managing COVID-19 patients
  • New: Content focused on standard of care in a global crisis in critical care
  • Full-color illustrations


Section 1: Principles of Airway Management
Section 2: Airway Techniques
Section 3: Prehospital Airway Management
Section 4: Airway Management in the Emergency Department
Section 5: Airway Management in the Intensive Care Unit (Icu)
Section 6: Airway Management in the Operating Room
Section 7: Airway Management in the Pediatric Population
Section 8: Airway Management in Obstetrics
Section 9: Airway Management in Unique Environment
Section 10: Practical Considerations in Airway Management