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Introduction to Epilepsy

ISBN: 9780521691581
ISBN: 9780521691581

Ημ. Έκδοσης







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Epilepsy is a complex disease which has significant effects on the well-being and quality of life of patients. Obtaining good pharmacological control of seizures is often time-consuming, involving several changes of therapy. Treatment may last for several years. This introductory book covers all aspects of epilepsy, from basic mechanisms of seizures to diagnosis and management, as well as legal and social considerations. Combining a rigorous academic approach with an emphasis on practical issues, the content provides a clear, concise guide which walks the reader through day-to-day clinical decisions. From basic principles, pathology, physiology and neurochemistry to clinical neurophysiology, genetics, neuroimaging, differential diagnosis and treatment, each chapter offers detailed explanations, summary boxes and learning objectives. Recommended treatment plans enable the reader to offer quick and accurate therapy to patients. This is essential reading for neurologists – particularly trainees – and those providing primary care and allied health support for patients with epilepsy.


• Clear, learner-friendly text enables the reader to master these complex concepts easily
• Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of epilepsy, providing a holistic approach to patient care
• Provides recommended treatment plans, facilitating quick and accurate treatment of patients


1. Introduction and basic principles
2. Pathology, physiology and neurochemistry of epilepsy
3. Clinical neurophysiology
4. Semiology and classification
5. Natural history of epilepsy
6. Genetics of epilepsy
7. Neuroimaging
8. Differential diagnosis of epilepsy
9. Medical treatment of epilepsy
10. Special topics in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
11. Neuropsychology
12. Surgical treatment of epilepsy
13. Psychiatry aspects
14. Social aspects
15. Epilepsy in the Third World
16. Healthcare and economics
17. Forensic aspects of epilepsy