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Labor and Delivery Care

A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9780470654590
ISBN: 9780470654590

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A Practical Guide

Διαθεσιμότητα: 23-28 ημέρες


Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guidesupports and reinforces the acquisition of the practical obstetric skills needed for aiding a successful birth.

Beginning with the most important element of successful labor care, communicating with the patient, the authors guide you through normal delivery routines and examination techniques. They then address the best approaches to the full range of challenges that can arise during labor and delivery. Throughout, the 15 chapters provide concise practical guidance with:

  • algorithmic decision trees
  • clinical management tips
  • detailed drawings

Labor and Delivery Care: A Practical Guide provides a thorough tour-de-force of the practical obstetric skills needed for best and safest practice based on clinical experience and evidence.


Preface, vii

How to Use This Book, xi

1 Communicating Effectively With Your Patient, 1

2 Examining Your Patient, 13

3 Normal Labor and Delivery, 32

4 Evaluating the Pelvis, 51

5 Diagnosing and Treating Dysfunctional Labor, 81

6 Managing the Third Stage, 111

7 Dealing with Malpositions and Defl exed Attitudes, 128

8 Managing Breech Presentation and Transverse Lie, 151

9 Avoiding and Managing Birth Canal Trauma, 182

10 Inducing Labor, 204

11 Cesarean Delivery, 227

12 Delivering Twins, 250

13 Managing Shoulder Dystocia, 270

14 Using Forceps and the Vacuum Extractor, 290

15 Obstetric Case Studies, 313

Answers to Obstetric Case Studies, 339

Glossary, 355

Index, 383