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Lung Cancer: A Practical Approach to Evidence-Based Clinical Evaluation and Management

ISBN: 9780323485654
ISBN: 9780323485654

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Get a quick, expert overview of the many key facets of lung cancer evaluation and management with this concise, practical resource by Drs. Lynn T. Tanoue and Frank Detterbeck. This easy-to-read reference presents a summary of todays best evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and management in this critical area.

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Diagnosis and Evaluation

1. The Asymptomatic Patient with a Pulmonary Nodule

2. Evaluation of the Patient with a Radiographic Abnormality Suspicious for Lung Cancer

3. Lung Cancer Classification


Treatment Considerations


4. Treatment of Early Stage NSCLC

5. Curative Intent Treatment of Stage III NSCLC

6. Advanced NSCLC

7. Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer

8. Special Types of Lung Cancer

9. Surveillance and Follow-Up


Organization, Quality and Efficiency of Care Delivery


10. Organization of Lung Cancer Care

11. Achieving Better Quality of Care


Additional Components of Comprehensive Care


12. Tobacco Use Disorder and Treatment

13. Healthy Patients at Risk for Lung Cancer: Whether, How and Who to Screen

14. Symptom Management in Patients with Lung Cancer

15. Diagnosis and Management of Treatment Related Pulmonary Complications




16. Lung Cancer – Where Are We Now and What is the Future?