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Making Sense of Echocardiography. A Hands-on Guide 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781032303543
ISBN: 9781032303543
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Echocardiography is one of the most useful and powerful diagnostic tools in the assessment of cardiac structure and function. It remains a rapidly expanding modality, with new techniques constantly developing and maturing. Building on the success of the second edition, the third edition of Making Sense of Echocardiography: A Hands-on Guide provides a timely overview for those learning echocardiography for the first time as well as an accessible handbook that experienced sonographers can refer to. The strong clinical focus and concentration on real-life scenarios make this book relevant in day-to-day practice. Key updates for this edition include the latest guidelines for the evaluation of diastolic function and pulmonary hypertension, and fully updated reference intervals throughout.

Key Features

• Covers not only the fundamentals of echocardiography including ultrasound physics, but also new technologies such as 3D echocardiography
• Provides a comprehensive approach for the echo trainee and serves as a useful reference for more seasoned echocardiographers
• Incorporates current guidelines and reference intervals throughout


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Acronyms and abbreviations

Part 1 Essential principles
1. History of echocardiography
2. Cardiac anatomy and physiology
3. Physics and instrumentation
4. Doppler physics
5. Myocardial mechanics
6. Service provision
Part 2 Cardiac imaging techniques
7. The standard transthoracic echo study
8. Transoesophageal echo
9. Stress echo
10. Contrast echo
11. Tissue Doppler imaging
12. Speckle tracking
13. 3D echo
14. Intravascular ultrasound and epicardial echo
15. Alternative cardiac imaging techniques
Part 3 Clinical cases
16. The left ventricle and its systolic function
17. Coronary artery disease and regional left ventricular function
18. Left ventricular diastolic function
19. The left atrium
20. The aortic valve
21. The mitral valve
22. The right ventricle
23. The right atrium
24. The tricuspid valve
25. The pulmonary valve
26. Pulmonary hypertension
27. Heart valve repair and replacement
28. Endocarditis
29. The cardiomyopathies
30. The pericardium
31. The aorta
32. Cardiac masses
33. Congenital heart disease
34. Common echo requests

Appendix – Echo resources