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Matrix Head and Neck Reconstruction Scalable Reconstructive. Approaches Organized by Defect Location

ISBN: 9783031249808
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Head and neck reconstruction can be challenging due to the anatomical complexity of the area, its impact upon function, and the common need for adjuvant treatment postoperatively in cases of malignancy. Furthermore, the results are very visible and may significantly affect the patient’s ability to reintegrate socially. This unique surgical atlas is organized as a matrix of options, from simple to complex, covering all described anatomical areas of the head and neck. The organization of defects and reconstructive options, combined with illustrations and high-resolution intraoperative photography, make this the premier reconstructive reference that will be accessible when difficult reconstructive situations arise.

The matrix concept is a unique approach to organizing and presenting facial, head and neck defects. Most clinical cases present as a defect or as the potential for a defect after a resection. The matrix approach is a human cognitive approach to problem solving. This atlas allows the reader to search out their potential defects and study the possible reconstructive options available to them. This spectrum of possibilities may help the surgeon to decide whether to manage on the case on their own or refer it for more expertise. It is also a visible tool to assist surgeons in reviewing options and making decisions with patients in the informed consent process.

The matrix presents defects with internal consistency throughout the text and is organized in an anatomic order. Each anatomic sub-site is further subdivided into recognized clinical sub-units, and each potential defect is then illustrated in a standardized fashion to promote clarity and uniformity for easy reference. Commonly associated defects are linked. Each specific defect is then addressed, presenting reconstructive options of increasing complexity, with photography to show a staged approach to pre-reconstruction, site preparation, flap selection, flap inset, and final results acutely post-operatively and at a delayed time point.

Matrix Head and Neck Reconstruction combines and distills the work of major head and neck reconstruction and facial plastic surgery to provide a broad and deep resource that is highly pictorial and practical in providing a scalable approach to reconstruction.