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Mechanical Lumbosacral Spine Pain Anatomy, Histology and Imaging 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032326436
ISBN: 9781032326436
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This book addresses an extremely prevalent medical problem: low back pain. It is not a general anatomy book, but it relates specifically to the lumbosacral spine, encompassing anatomy, histology, histopathology, and imaging all in one volume. For students, the text incrementally introduces them to lumbosacral anatomy terms and scientific knowledge by using photographs of gross and histological sections of the spine, as well as schematic drawings and images, in preparation for clinical practice. It answers many questions about the pathogenesis of low back pain, helpful for clinicians, both for treatment decisions and for counselling patients.

Key features:

  • Provides a clear explanation for many of the pain generators in low back pain and illuminates this perplexing and ubiquitous problem
  • Addresses a gap in the existing literature, as ‘non-specific’ or mechanical lumbosacral spine pain accounts for by far most chronic spinal pain sufferers’ complaints for clinicians from general medical practitioners to spinal specialists in various fields such as sports medicine who deal with spinal pain syndromes
  • Illustrates anatomical structures that can be injured and thus become responsible for causing mechanical lumbosacral spine pain; frequently, such injuries cannot be detected on sophisticated imaging such as MRI


Chapter 1: General introduction to the lumbosacral spine

Chapter 2: Neuroanatomy summary of the lumbosacral spine

Chapter 3: Gross anatomy and histology of the lumbosacral spine

Chapter 4: Anatomical Atlas: Gross anatomical and histological examples of possible causes of non-specific, and specific, spinal pain syndromes due to lumbosacral spine mechanical dysfunction or failure

Chapter 5: Three clinical examples associated with lumbosacral spine pain of mechanical origin