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Newborn Surgery

ISBN: 9781482247701
ISBN: 9781482247701

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  • Offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and complete account of the pathophysiology and treatment of surgical conditions in the newborn
  • Contains the contributions of more than 150 international experts, making it the leading international reference on newborn surgery
  • Adds new chapters on key topics such as tissue engineering and stem cell research, HIV and surgical safety
  • Includes VitalSource eBook which allows the reader to access the book at any time on the internet or download the book to a PC or mobile device for reading on the move
  • Builds upon a previous prize-winning edition: BMA Medical Book Award 2012 for best book in surgical specialties


Following the success of three previous editions, this new edition of Newborn Surgery continues to provide the most comprehensive information on the surgical management of neonatal disorders. Each chapter is thoroughly revised and updated, and there are eight new chapters on key topics in the specialty, including neonatal care in the delivery room, specific risks for pre-term infants, surgical safety, tissue engineering and stem cell research, and surgical implications of HIV.


Embryology of Malformations.Perinatal Physiology.Clinical Anatomy of the
Newborn.Epidemiology of Congenital Malformations.Prenatal Diagnosis of
Surgical Conditions. Fetal Counselling for Surgical Malformations.Fetal
and Birth Trauma.Transport of the Surgical Neonate.Specific Risks for
the Preterm Infant.Preoperative Assessment.Anaesthesia.Postoperative
Management.Fluid and Electrolyte balance in the Newborn.Nutrition.Access
to Enteral Nutrition.Stomas of Small and Large Intestine.Vascular
Access in the Newborn.Radiology.Immune System.Sepsis.Hematological
Problems.Genetics in Neonatal Surgical Practice.Ethical
Considerations.Surgical Safety.Principles of Minimally Invasive Neonatal
Surgery.Fetal Surgery.Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell
Research.Surgical Implications of HIV.Liver Transplantation.Choanal
Atresia.Pierre Robin Sequence.Macroglossia.Tracheostomy in Infants.Cysts
and Sinuses of the Neck.Stridor in the Newborn.Congenital Thoracic
Deformities.Mediastinal Masses in the Newborn.Congenital Airway
Malformations.Vascular rings.Pulmonary air leaks.Chylothorax and other
pleural effusions in neonates.Congenital malformations of the
lung.Congenital diaphrahragmatic hernia.Extracorporeal
membraneoxygenation for neonatal respiratory failure.Bronchoscopy in the
Newborn.Esophageal atresia and tracho-esophageal fistula.Congenital
esophageal stenosis.Esophageal duplication cysts.Esophageal
perforation.Gastro-esophageal reflux.Pyloric atresia and prepyloric
antral diaphragm.Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.Gastric volvulus.Gastric
perforation.Duodenal obstruction.Malrotation.Persistent
hyyperinsulinemic hyypoglyycemia of infancy.Jejuno-ileal atresia and
stenosis.Colonic and rectal atresias.Meconium ileus.Meconium
peritonitis.Duplications of the Alimentary Tract.Mesenteric and omental
cysts.Neonatal ascites.Necrotizing enterocolitis.Spontaneous intestinal
perforation.Hirschprungs Disease.Anorectal anomalies.Congenital Pouch
Colon.Congenital segmental dilatation of the
intestine.Intussusception.Inguinal hernia.Short Bowel syndromeand
surgical techniques for the baby with short intestines.Megacystis
Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome.Biliary
Atresia.Congenital biliary dilatation (Choledochal cyst).Hepatic cysts
and abscesses.Omphalocele and gastroschisis.Omphalomesenteric duct
remnants.Bladder exstrophy.Cloacal exstrophy.Prune belly
syndrome.Conjoined Twins.Epidemiology and genetic associations of
neonatal tumors.Hemangiomas and vascular malformations.Congenital
nevi.Lymphatic malformations (cystic hygroma).Cervical
teratomas.Sacrococcygeal Teratoma.Nasal tumors.Neuroblastoma.Soft-tissue
sarcoma.Hepatic tumors.Congenital mesoblastic nephroma and Wilms
tumor. Neonatal ovarian tumors.Spina bifida and
encephalocele.Hydrocephalus.Urinary Tract Infections.Imaging of the
renal tract.Management of Antenatally detected
hydronephrosis.Multicystic dysplastic kidney.Upper Urinary Tract
Obstructions.Duplication anomalies.Vesicoureteral
Reflux.Ureteroceles.Posterior Urethral Valves.Neuropathic
bladder.Hydrometrocolpos Disorders of Sexual Development.Male genital