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Operative Hip Arthroscopy

ISBN: 9781489986412
ISBN: 9781489986412

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  • Entirely reconceived, updated and rewritten to address current topoics in hip arthroscopy
  • Includes 18 new chapters
  • Offers hundreds of color photographs and illustrations throughout

In each of its two previous editions, Dr. J.W. Thomas Byrd?s Operative Hip Arthroscopy has detailed the fundamentals and techniques for performing hip arthroscopy and tracked cutting-edge developments surrounding this procedure. Operative Hip Arthroscopy, Third Edition, has once again pulled together a group of experts to explore all of the latest advancements in hip arthroscopy, as well as our understanding of hip disorders and the technology available for treatment. This edition is vastly expanded, with new or updated discussion on topics including:

  • Latest Techniques and Technology for Access
  • Femoroacetabular Impingement
  • The Peritrochanteric Space
  • The Subgluteal Space
  • Endoscopic Abductor Repairs
  • Endoscopic Hamstring Repair and Ischial Bursectomy
  • Adhesive Capsulitis and Arthrofibrosis
  • Management of Chondral Injuries
  • Decision Making with Regard to Osteoarthritis
  • Synovial Disease and Sepsis
  • liopsoas Impingement and Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Complex Hip Reconstruction
  • Computer Navigation
  • Snapping Hip Syndromes
  • The Role of Ultrasonography

This book emphasizes wise decision-making and understanding the dos and don?ts of the procedure. Clear, concise writing supplemented by more than 300 illustrations, photographs and links to view videos will give orthopedists at any level a complete picture of this procedure and related issues.


Foreword to the Third Edition.- Foreword to the Second Edition.- Foreword to the First Edition.- Preface.- Contributors.- Overview and History of Hip Arthroscopy.- Patient Selection.- Physical Examination.- Adult Hip Imaging.- Extraarticular Sources of Hip Pain.- Gross Anatomy.- Portal Anatomy.- Arthroscopic Anatomy of the Hip.- Positioning and Distraction Options.- Portals and Diagnostic Arthroscopy: Intraarticular Compartment.- Portals and Diagnostic Arthroscopy: Periperal Compartment.- Loose Bodies: Tips and Pearls.- Labral Management.- Chondroplasty and Microfracture.- Lesions of the Acetabular Fossa.- Synovial Disease.- Arthroscopic Approach to FAI.- Acetabuloplasty with Labral Refixation.- Femoroplasty.- Iliopsoas Release.- Iliotibial Band Release.- Peritrochanteric Space: Access and Procedures.- Capsulorrhaphy.- Adhesive Capsulitis.- Hip Arthroscopy in Athletes.- Hip Arthroscopy in Adolescence and Childhood.- Hip Arthroscopy in an Aging Population.- Complications Associated with Hip Arthroscopy.- Rehabilitation.- Clinical Nursing Care.-