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Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, 6th Edition

ISBN: 9780323935210
ISBN: 9780323935210



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6η έκδοση

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Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology is unique in offering easy-to-understand explanations of all three of these complex topics in the one book.

This popular textbook is designed to help students develop a deep understanding of these subjects to support their study and future clinical careers. Learning is made easy with clear diagrams, photographs and explanations.

Now in its sixth edition, the book has been fully updated to incorporate latest developments in the field. It provides full coverage of topics including tooth morphology, functional anatomy, oro-dental histology, craniofacial and oral development and clinical considerations.

New to this edition
  • New chapter on reparative and regenerative dentistry
  • Memory maps to support learning
Key Features
  • Over 1,000 images including schematic artworks, radiological images, electron-micrographs, cadaveric and clinical photographs and memory maps – all specially selected to make learning and recall as easy as possible
  • Numerous clinical case histories help relate the basic science to clinical practice
  • Self-assessment section supports learning and exam preparation
  • Includes comprehensive coverage of the soft tissues of the oral region and skeletal structures of the head, including vasculature and innervation
  • Includes information on mastication, swallowing, speech, radiology and archaeological applications of tooth structure
  • Addresses physical, chemical and structural properties of the tooth (enamel, dentine, pulp and cementum) and of the periodontium and oral mucosa
  • Explores bone structure and remodelling – including potential bone atrophy following tooth extraction, its relevance to orthodontic treatment and implantology, trauma and malignancy
  • A bibliography for each topic provides options for further reading
  • Images and text have been considered in terms of human diversity


Chapter 1: The appearance of the oral cavity
Chapter 2: Dento-osseous structures
Chapter 3: Regional topography of the mouth and related areas
Chapter 4: Vasculature and innervation of the mouth
Chapter 5: Sectional anatomy of the oral cavity and related areas
Chapter 6: Functional anatomy
Chapter 7: Enamel
Chapter 8: Investing organic layers on enamel surfaces
Chapter 9: Dentine
Chapter 10: Dental pulp
Chapter 11: Cementum
Chapter 12: Periodontal ligament
Chapter 13: Alveolar bone
Chapter 14: Oral mucosa
Chapter 15: Temporomandibular joint
Chapter 16: Salivary glands
Chapter 17: Development of the face
Chapter 18: Development of the palate
Chapter 19: Development of the jaws
Chapter 20: Development of the tongue and salivary glands
Chapter 21: Early tooth development
Chapter 22: Amelogenesis
Chapter 23: Dentinogenesis
Chapter 24: Development of the dental pulp
Chapter 25: Development of the root and periodontal ligament
Chapter 26: Development of the dentitions
Chapter 27: Ageing and archaeological and dental anthropological applications of tooth structure
Chapter 28: Regenerative Dentistry