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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Oral Board Review 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9780826177513
ISBN: 9780826177513
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Revised second edition of the singular review book devoted to helping candidates prepare for and succeed on the ABPMR Part II certification examination. This interactive workbook has been updated and expanded to reflect changes to the oral exam format and introduce topics of increasing importance. With new chapters on complex medical rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, pain medicine, spinal disorders, and sports medicine and a total of 86 cases across all practice areas on the board outline, this is the study tool that positions you to pass Part II the first time out.

The book uses a question and response format to actively engage readers for individual or group study. Chapter vignettes set up common physiatric problems and are structured to walk readers through the types of questions encountered in daily practice. This unique conversational method simulates a discussion between examiner and examinee, presenting a focused exchange that unfolds organically and leads respondents to the most appropriate answers. Case questions are organized by the five domains measured on the oral boards: data acquisition, problem solving, patient management, systems-based practice, and interpersonal and communication skills.

Designed to build a systematic approach to clinical questions applicable to any case so you can think on your feet, understand the goal of the prompts, and respond effectively both on the boards and at the patient’s bedside.

Key Features:

  • Interactive format of question-and-answer vignettes helps to foster skills and confidence necessary for success on the PM&R oral board exam (Part II)
  • More than 4x the number of cases than any other review book on the market
  • Revised and updated to reflect changes to the exam format and introduce emerging topics
  • Experienced chapter authors from many of the leading national programs
  • Purchase includes access to the eBook for use on most mobile devices or computers



Chapter 1. Amputee Care and Prosthetic Prescription by Heikki Uustal

Chapter 2. Brain Impairments and Central Nervous System Disorders by Michael H. Marino, Miriam Segal, and Thomas Watanabe

Chapter 3. Cancer and Other Medically Related Impairments by Julie Silver

Chapter 4. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation by Matthew N. Bartels

Chapter 5. Complex Medical Rehabilitation by R. Samuel Mayer

Chapter 6. Durable Medical Equipment by Brad E. Dicianno

Chapter 7. Geriatric Rehabilitation by George Forrest

Chapter 8. Musculoskeletal Impairments by Michael Mallow

Chapter 9. Neuromuscular Impairments and Electrodiagnosis by Tae Hwan Chung

Chapter 10. Pain Rehabilitation by Andrew Nava

Chapter 11. Pediatric Rehabilitation by Sarah Korth

Chapter 12. Soft Tissue Impairments by R. Samuel Mayer

Chapter 13. Spinal Impairments by Bryt A. Christensen

Chapter 14. Spinal Cord Injury by Argyios Stampas and Joel Fronterra

Chapter 15. Sports Medicine by Brian J. Krabak, Brian C. Liem, and Melinda S. Loveless

Chapter 16. Stroke Rehabilitation by Benjamin J. Friedman, Deena Hassabala, and Richard L. Harvey