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Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

ISBN: 9781936287840
ISBN: 9781936287840

Ημ. Έκδοσης






Κύριος Συγγραφέας

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Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics provides an in-depth understanding of waveforms and tracings seen in various disease states as well as pathophysiology behind those findings. Practical issues that are rarely discussed or focused upon in textbooks are highlighted in this book with detailed waveform analysis. Caveats in the hemodynamic assessment of valvular diseases, constriciion, tamponade, pulmonary hypertension, shunt pathology, and right and left ventricular failure are provided. Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics also provides case-based and tracing-based quizzes. The reader wil learn to identify disease states and waveform subtleties from single tracings or from case studies. The reader will take the initiative to interpret tracings, understand notches, artifacts, and formulate a diagnosis.

Practical Cardiovascular Hemodynamics will feature:

  • Complete presentation of basic and advanced hemodynamics
  • Numerous case studies allow the reader to learn real-life application of hemodynamic data in clinical decision-making
  • Quizzes and explanations provides the reader with self-assessment and problem solving skills
  • Over 300 illustrations with detailed discussion