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Practical Interventional Cardiology

ISBN: 9780367573034
ISBN: 9780367573034

Ημ. Έκδοσης







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  • Offers a practical guide to managing cardiac patients using interventional techniques— ideal for the trainee
  • Discusses the different procedures and techniques by disorder and disease in succinct chapters written by opinion leaders
  • Updates pedagogy—clinical cases, step-by-step procedures, and summaries
  • Addresses current trials and expected outcomes, as well as current guidelines both in Europe and the USA, including the European experience with non-FDA approved devices
  • Enables links to references and embedded video files via Vital Source platform

This new and comprehensively revised third edition of Practical Interventional Cardiology, led by an eminent UK Cardiologist and supported by contributing authors from around the world, discusses the different interventional procedures by context and addresses current guidelines and ongoing trials, including European experience with non-FDA approved devices. It represents an extended practical reference for the Interventional Cardiologist, Fellows in training, catheter laboratory Nursing and Technical staff as well as the non-invasive Cardiologist and General Physician. Rather than providing detailed and exhaustive reviews – a criticism of many Interventional Cardiology texts – the purpose of this book is to present practical information regarding Interventional procedures and important topics in Cardiology. An emphasis on clarity, clinical relevance and up-to-date information has been favoured as well as discussion of points of controversy so frequently overlooked.”