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Practical Problems in Assisted Conception

ISBN: 9781316645185

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Engage with practical and active solutions to day-to-day issues of reproductive medicine and the use of artificial reproductive techniques (ART), occurring in clinical and laboratory environments. Authored by leading experts in the field, this user-friendly guide is invaluable for any IVF practitioner and embryologist, facing everyday hands-on issues, through to high-pressure laboratory problems, efficiency ratings and ensuring cost-effective delivery of care. With the strict governance of regulatory bodies worldwide, the success of any fertility centre depends on successful problem solving, all day every day. Based on a wealth of experience, identify commonly occurring problems, and fresh perspectives of problem-solving, with must-have protocols, patient information sheets and suggested equipment. This go-to companion tackles operational, organisational, clinical and laboratory issues to financial and clinical governance, with a focus on quick and effective solutions for the busy practitioner.

  • Offers a practical, go-to guide for clinicians experiencing laboratory issues, at all stages of their career
  • Provides experienced clinicians with fresh perspectives of problem-solving with must-have protocols in commonly-occurring but difficult scenarios
  • Includes case studies, patient information sheets and suggested equipment for quick reference
  • Contains illustrations and graphs throughout, providing extra support
  • format: Paperback
  • dimensions: 246 x 189 mm
  • cοntains: 42 b/w illus.


1. A lifetimes observations and reflections as an IVF doctor Ian Cooke
2. The patients perspective of assisted reproduction Louise Burton
3. How to manage intramural fibroids before an IVF cycle Ertan Saridogan
4. Ovarian stimulation protocols – horses for courses Qiao Jie
5. The consultation with the poor responder Paul Atkinson and Bill Ledger
6. The consultation with a patient who wishes to have ovarian tissue cryopreservation Richard Anderson
7. How to manage patients with cancer who need fast-track treatment Kirsten Tryde Macklon and Michael von Wolff
8. How to manage patients with adenomyosis before an IVF cycle Stephan Gordts
9. The consultation with older men seeking ART treatment Allan Pacey
10. How to manage endometrioma in the IVF patient Mukhri Hamdan and Ying Cheong
11. How to manage IVF patients with intrauterine adhesions Tin-Chiu Li
12. What is the role of complementary and alternative medicine during
IVF – a review of the evidence Trevor Wing and Andrew Flower
13. How to manage the patient with hydrosalpinges before an IVF cycle Arri Coomarasamy and Justin Chu
14. Tubal assessment in the IVF patient Bonnie Ng and Ying Cheong
15. Which culture media to use? Necati Findikli and Mustafa Bahceci
16. How to set up and manage key performance indicators, what are
red-alerts and what to do when they occur? Rachel Cutting and Caitriona
17. How to manage the patient with thin endometrium Tse Yeun Tan and Heng Hao Tan
18. How to manage the patient with fluid in the endometrium prior to embryo transfer Christian Becker and Monica Mittal
19. Practical tips on personalizing luteal phase support Sesh Kamal Sunkara and Srividya Seshadri
20. How to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: best management strategies Nikolaos Tsampras and Raj Mathur
21. Anesthetic choices in IVF practice Singaraselvan Nagarajan and Eileen Lew
22. Tips and tricks of transvaginal oocyte retrieval Durga Rao
23. What to do when the electric oocyte aspiration pump stops working? Mili Saran and Ying Cheong
24. How to manage the patient who has no egg retrieval Nikoletta Panagiotopoulou and Abha Maheshwari
25. Managing unusual complications in IVF relating to transvaginal oocyte retrieval Ying Cheong and Hammed Tijani
26. Tips and tricks on the management of a difficult embryo transfer Edward Coats and Marco Gaudoin
27. How to manage the patient who fails to produce a semen sample Alpha Gebeh and Mostafa Metwally
28. Prevention and management of incubator failure Charissa Watchorn and Julia Paget
29. Troubleshooting poor survival after oocyte and embryo cryopreservation Dawn Yell
30. The lost embryo in the laboratory Virginia Bolton
31. What to do when there is a suspected infection in the IVF laboratory Philippa Lowen and Julia Paget
32. Dealing with practical problems encountered in PGD and PGS Junhao Yan and Zi-Jiang Chen
33. Tips and tricks in performing 3D ultrasound before an IVF cycle Sotiris Saravelos
34. How to draw-up a management plan when an IVF cycle has failed Carol Coughlan
35. When fertilization fails Tanya Milachich and Atanas Shterev
36. What does poor embryo development mean, and how does it influence subsequent cycles? Emma Adolfsson
37. The ABC of quality management in IVF Oksana Stidston
38. Human factors in IVF practice Rachel Broadley
39. Customer service and marketing in IVF practice Helen Kennard
40. The essentials for building a great fertility team Ying Cheong
41. Financial models in an IVF practice Kiran Gedela
42. Peering into the future of the fertility business – a conversation with Sue Channon, CEO, Virtus Health Sue Channon
43. The role of the research nurse in an IVF center Susan Wellstead and Jane Forbes
44. The future of IVF: ART 3.0 Nick Macklon.