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Savage & Aronson’s Comprehensive Textbook of Perioperative and Critical Care Echocardiography, Third Edition

ISBN: 9781975102920
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Thoroughly revised to reflect new advances in the field, Savage & Aronson’s Comprehensive Textbook of Perioperative and Critical Care Echocardiography, Third Edition, remains the definitive text and reference on transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). Edited by Drs. Alina Nicoara, Robert M. Savage, Nikolaos J. Skubas, Stanton K. Shernan, and Christopher A. Troianos, this authoritative reference covers material relevant for daily clinical practice in operating rooms and procedural areas, preparation for certification examinations, use of echocardiography in the critical care setting, and advanced applications relevant to current certification and practice guidelines.

  • Contains significantly expanded content on the use of TEE and transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) in the critical care setting—more than twice the material offered in the previous edition and ideal for Critical Care Echocardiography certification preparation
  • Features new chapters on transcatheter procedures
  • Includes up-to-date information on organizing education and training in perioperative echocardiography and on ultrasound for vascular access, assessment of the patient with endocarditis and using echo during resuscitation, epiaortic and epicardial imaging; endovascular management of thoracic vascular disease, transcutaneous management of valvular heart disease, and more
  • Chapters provide key point summaries and review questions and answers throughout, making it an excellent tool for study and review
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Contributors vii
Foreword xiii
Preface xvii

Section I. Introduction to Immunology
1 Overview of the Immune System — 1
Martin F. Flajnik, Steven M. Holland, Nevil J. Singh
2 History of Immunology — 29
Edward J. Moticka

Section II. Evolution of the Immune System
3 The Insect Immune System — 52
Sara Cherry, Nicolas Buchon
4 Evolution of the Vertebrate and Lower Deuterostome Immune System — 79
Martin F. Flajnik
5 The Plant Immune System — 134
Roger W. Innes

Section III. Cellular Pathways and Processes in Immunity
6 Immunometabolism —  161
Jonathan D. Powell, Chirag H. Patel, Im- Hong Sun
7 Regulated Cell Death in the Immune System — 204
Douglas R. Green, Sebastian Ruehl
8 Lymphoid Tissues and Organs — 228
Martin F. Flajnik, Nancy H. Ruddle
9 Type I Cytokines, Interferons, and Their Receptors — 258
Achsah D. Keegan, Warren J. Leonard
10 Tumor Necrosis Factor Superfamily of Cytokines and Receptors — 308
Carl F. Ware, Nancy H. Ruddle
11 Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors — 344
Philip M. Murphy

Section IV. Innate Immunity
12 Pattern Recognition Receptors and the IL- 1 Family — 386
Rajendra Karki, Thirumala- Devi Kanneganti
13 The Complement System — 416
Erin E. West, Claudia Kemper
14 Neutrophils — 455
Andres Hidalgo, Mariana J. Kaplan
15 Macrophages — 469
Gwendalyn J. Randolph
16 Mast Cells and Basophils — 487
Mindy Tsai, Stephen J. Galli
17 Eosinophils — 519
Elizabeth A. Jacobsen, Hirohito Kita
18 The Biology of Natural Killer Cells and Innate Lymphoid Cells — 537
Vincent Peng, Marco Colonna

Section V. Adaptive Immunity
19 The Major Histocompatibility Complex — 573
David H. Margulies, Kannan Natarajan, Jamie Rossjohn, James McCluskey
20 Classical Antigen Processing and Presentation — 622
Jonathan W. Yewdell, Paul Roche, Laurence C. Eisenlohr
21 Immunoglobulins: Structure and Function — 644
Mohamed Khass, David Wald, Neil S. Greenspan, Harry W. Schroeder, Jr
22 Immunoglobulins: Molecular Genetics — 671
Sebastian D. Fugmann
23 T Cell Antigen Receptors and Antigen Recognition — 702
Mark M. Davis, Yueh- Hsiu Chien
24 Antigen Receptor Signaling — 734
Nevil J. Singh, Gideon Wolf
25 B Cell Development in Mice — 774
Nicole Baumgarth
26 B Cell Responses — 798
Claude- Agnès Reynaud, Jean- Claude Weill
27 T Cell Development in the Thymus — 823
Avinash Bhandoola, Remy Bosselut, Yousuke Takahama
28 CD4+ Helper T Cells: Differentiation, Flexibility, and Heterogeneity — 856
John J. O’Shea, Marion Pepper, Marc K. Jenkins, Danielle A. Chisolm
29 Regulatory T Cells — 874
Ethan M. Shevach
30 CD8+ T Cell Memory — 924
Francis R. Carbone, Thomas Gebhardt
31 Cytotoxic Effector Functions — 944
Morgan Huse

Section VI. Integrative Immunology
32 Immunologic Tolerance — 971
Colin C. Anderson, Troy A. Baldwin, Peter A. Bretscher
33 Fc Receptors and Their Role in Immune Regulation and Inflammation — 1008
Jeffrey V. Ravetch, Aaron Gupta, Falk Nimmerjahn
34 Dendritic cells — 1034
Roxane Tussiwand, Pierre Guermonprez, Simon Yona
35 Gamma Delta T Cells — 1054
Adrian C. Hayday
36 CD1- Restricted T Cells — 1102
Pankaj Sharma, Florian Winau
37 Mucosal- Associated Invariant T Cells and Other MR1- Reactive T Cells — 1137
Sidonia B. G. Eckle, Wael Awad, Jamie Rossjohn, James McCluskey, Alexandra J. Corbett
38 The Mucosal Immune System — 1178
Yasmine Belkaid, Brian L. Kelsall, Warren Strober
39 Introduction to Neuroimmunology — 1212
Andrea Francesca Salvador, Jonathan Kipnis
40 Vaccines — 1231
Bali Pulendran
41 Maternal- Fetal Immunology — 1283
Gabrielle Rizzuto, Adrian Erlebacher

Section VII. Immune Responses to Pathogens
42 Response to Parasites — 1325
David Sacks, Marion Pepper, Mary F. Fontana, P’ng Loke
43 Immune Responses to Bacteria — 1355
S. Celeste Morley, Moon H. Nahm
44 Response to Viruses — 1399
Hildegund C. J. Ertl
45 Immunology of HIV Infection — 1445
Gaurav D. Gaiha, Douglas S. Kwon

Section VIII. Immunological Disease States and Immunodeficiency
46 Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases — 1465
Gustaf Christoffersson, Ken T. Coppieters, Matthias von Herrath, Dirk Homann
47 Immunologic Mechanisms of Allergic Disorders — 1515
Stéphanie Lejeune, Kari C. Nadeau, David W. Scott, Joshua D. Milner
48 Transplantation Immunology — 1549
Megan Sykes, Anita S. Chong, Markus Y. Mapara
49 Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy — 1589
Thomas F. Gajewski, Justin Kline
50 Inborn Errors of Immunity — 1619
Isabelle Meyts, Jean- Laurent Casanova, Luigi D. Notarangelo

Index 1649