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Slow Grows the Child. Psychosocial Aspects of Growth Delay

ISBN: 9781032751733
ISBN: 9781032751733
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Originally published in 1986, Slow Grows the Child came out of a symposium held in Washington D.C. in 1984 which brought together researchers and practitioners in the field producing recommendations for future research. It was the beginning of an informal network among researchers. In the 1970s and 1980s, the odds that a short-statured person would be socially and emotionally fulfilled were judged by some to be not very good. There was a pervasive belief that equated tallness with strength and shortness with weakness and a lack of social desirability. The recognition that delays in growth could be modified by medical therapies had led to increased awareness of psychological and social effects on short stature children. There had been little consensus about how best to measure the psychological and social adjustment of short individuals. It was hoped this title would advance understanding of the social and psychological experience of growth delay and increase the odds that medical and psychological intervention would produce the most desirable outcome.


Introduction: Shortening the Odds in a Tall World. 1. Longitudinal Evaluation of Behavior Patterns in Children with Short Stature Clarissa S. Holmes, Jennifer A. Karlsson and Robert G. Thompson 2. Academic and Emotional Difficulties Associated with Constitutional Short Stature Robert A. Richman, Michael Gordon, Paul Tegtmeyer, Carol Crouthamel and Ernest M. Post 3. Effects of Short Stature on Social Competence Deborah Young-Hyman 4. Psychosocial Aspects of Short Stature: The Day to Day Context Leonard P. Sawisch 5. The Relationship of Academic Achievement and the Intellectual Functioning and Affective Conditions of Hypopituitary Children Patricia Torrisi Siegel and Nancy J. Hopwood 6. Long-Term Social Follow-Up of Growth Hormone Deficient Adults Treated with Growth Hormone During Childhood Heather J. Dean, Terri L. McTaggart, David G. Fish and Henry G. Friesen 7. Post-Treatment Follow-Up of Growth Hormone Deficient Patients: Psychosocial Status Richard R. Clopper, Margaret H. MacGillivray, Tom Mazur, Mary L. Voorhess and Barbara J. Mills 8. Psychosocial Impact of Long-Term Growth Hormone Therapy C.M. Mitchell, Ann J. Johanson, Susan Joyce, Samuel Libber, Leslie Plotnick, Claude J. Migeon and Robert M. Blizzard 9. Cognitive Development in Turner Syndrome Hans-Cristoph Steinhausen and Jacqui Smith 10. Turner Syndrome Versus Constitutional Short Stature: Psychopathology and Reactions to Height Jennifer Downey, Anke A. Ehrhardt, Rhoda Gruen, Akira Morishima and Jennifer Bell 11. The Effects of Growth on Intellectual Function in Children and Adolescents Darrell M. Wilson, Paula M. Duncan, Sanford M. Dornbusch, Philip L. Ritter and Ron G. Rosenfeld 12. Environmentally Based Failure to Thrive: Diagnostic Subtypes and Early Prognosis Dennis Drotar 13. Environment and Intelligence: Reversible Impairment of Intellectual Growth in the Syndrome of Abuse Dwarfism Charles Annecillo 14. Size Versus Age: Ambiguities in Parenting Short-Statured Children Diane L. Rotnem. Author Index. Subject Index.