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Spirituality and Psychiatry 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781911623304
ISBN: 9781911623304
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Spirituality and Psychiatry addresses the crucial but often overlooked relevance of spirituality to mental well-being and psychiatric care. This updated and expanded second edition explores the nature of spirituality, its relationship to religion, and the reasons for its importance in clinical practice. Contributors discuss the prevention and management of illness, and the maintenance of recovery. Different chapters focus on the subspecialties of psychiatry, including psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, intellectual disability, forensic psychiatry, substance misuse, and old age psychiatry. The book provides a critical review of the literature and a response to the questions posed by researchers, service users and clinicians, concerning the importance of spirituality in mental healthcare. With contributions from psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, mental healthcare chaplains and neuroscientists, and a patient perspective, this book is an invaluable clinical handbook for anyone interested in the place of spirituality in psychiatric practice.

  • Provides an evidence-based account of issues and debates to guide clinical practice
  • Offers a broad and inclusive approach to spirituality, addressing the needs of the spiritual but not religious and those whose spirituality is anchored in the world’s major faith traditions
  • Broadens reference to different cultural contexts and includes a more diverse set of contributors than the first edition, ensuring the book is of international relevance and interdisciplinary


The spirituality and psychiatry special interest group of the royal college of psychiatrists Andrew Powell
1. Spirituality and religion in psychiatry Christopher C. H. Cook
2. Spiritual assessment Linda Ross, Lucy Grimwade and Sarah Eagger
3. Psychosis Susan Mitchell and Glenn Roberts
4. Suicide Cherrie Coghlan
5. Child and adolescent psychiatry Mary Lynn Dell
6. Psychotherapy: the spiritual dimension Andrew Powell
7. Intellectual disability Oyepeju Raji and Cristina Gangemi
8. Substance misuse and addiction John F. Kelly and Christopher C. H. Cook
9. Common mental disorders Glòria Durà-Vilà and Simon Dein
10. Forensic psychiatry Gwen Adshead
11. Meditation, prayer and healing: a neuroscience perspective Peter Fenwick and Andrew Newberg
12. Religion and spirituality in the DSM and ICD John R. Peteet and Francis G. Lu
13. Spiritual care in the NHS John Swinton, Sarah Mullally and Jason Roach
14. Spiritual and religious interventions: introduction Christopher C. H. Cook
14.1 Mindfulness Paramabandhu Groves
14.2 Compassion-focused therapy Paul Gilbert
14.3 Religiously integrated cognitive-behavioral therapy Michelle Pearce
14.4 Forgiveness therapy Robert D. Enright and Jacqueline Y. Song
15. The patient perspective Joanna Barber
16. Religion and religious experience Christopher C. H. Cook
17. Pathological spirituality Nicola Crowley and Gillie Jenkinson
18. Ageing Julia H. Head, Robert M. Lawrence and Rachel J. Cullinan.