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The Airway Manual. Practical Approach to Airway Management

ISBN: 9789811947490
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The book provides up-to-date and easy to understand information on airway management with special emphasis on practical management along with required theory background and key points. It covers all aspects of airway management including education, training, audit, controversies, recent advances, case discussion, etc. The book covers all the techniques of airway management like the use of video laryngoscopy, fibre-optic intubation, and retrograde intubation. Further, the book includes a chapter on airway management during transmittable infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. The book also includes separate chapters on the available guidelines; discussion of interesting cases; neonatal airway; and out of hospital airway management. The book is written by experienced authors keeping in mind the unique problems and situations related to this specialized and vital area of patient management. It presents summary and key points in each chapter. Overall, this book provides practical, specialty oriented and patient centered approach to airway management.

The book is a useful resource for postgraduate students, residents and fellows in anesthesia, emergency medicine, critical care medicine. It is also relevant for anesthesiologists, intensivists, emergency physicians and internal medicine physicians.