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The Developing Brain and its Connections 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780367749903
ISBN: 9780367749903
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The Developing Brain and Its Connections describes the processes of neural development from neural induction through synaptic refinement. Each chapter explores specific mechanisms of development and describes key experiments from invertebrate and vertebrate animal models. By highlighting experimental methods and explaining how hypotheses evolve over time, readers learn essential facts while strengthening their appreciation of the scientific method. Discussions of neurodevelopmental disorders and therapeutic approaches to them bridge basic science discoveries with the clinical aspects of the field. Descriptions of recent work by student researchers and medical residents demonstrate career pathways and options for those interested in pursuing any area neural development.  With this distinctive approach, easy-to-follow writing style, and clear illustrations, The Developing Brain presents an accessible approach to neural development for undergraduate students.


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1. An Introduction to the Field of Developmental Neurobiology

2. Neural Induction

3. Segmentation of the Anterior– Posterior Axis

4. Patterning along the Dorsal– Ventral Axis

5. Proliferation and Migration of Neurons

6. Cell Determination and Early Differentiation

7. Neurite Outgrowth, Axonal Pathfi nding, and Initial Target Selection

8. Neuronal Survival and Programmed Cell Death

9. Synaptic Formation and Reorganization Part I: The Neuromuscular Junction

10. Synaptic Formation and Reorganization Part II: Synapses in the Central Nervous System Glossary