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Using Occupational Therapy Models in Practice, 2nd Edition. A Fieldguide

ISBN: 9780323879491
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Occupational therapy (OT) models provide a structured way of assessing unique contexts, such as relationships, location and cultural considerations, and how these will affect the approach to care. Written by leading experts in this field, Using Occupational Therapy Models in Practice provides a comprehensive overview of OT models and how to use them.

This book goes beyond the OT curriculum to provide additional conceptual frameworks for a full range of eleven OT models. An illustrated overview of the purpose and structure of each model is provided, along with concise examples, memory aids and online case studies.

Readers will come away with a detailed understanding of how to use each model in real life, making this a valuable field guide for all OT practitioners wishing to take a fully holistic approach.

New to this edition

Case studies for each chapter in a supporting online eBook

Key Features

Fully revised to reflect the latest literature and model updates

Unique in its comprehensive coverage, with an in-depth overview of eleven different models

Written by internationally renowned OT practitioners and scholars

Each model placed within its cultural and historical context

Concise examples demonstrate how models can relate to real life situations

Memory aides to guide clinical reasoning for each model

Illustrations and imagery to support understanding

Easy to understand and follow – suitable for OT students and practitioners

Author Information
By Merrill June Turpin, PhD Grad Dip Counsel B Occ Thy, Senior Lecturer of Occupational Therapy School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences The University of Queensland ; Jenniffer Garcia, BSc, MPhil, School of Occupational Therapy,Faculty of Medicine,Universidad de Los Andes Av. Monseñor Álvaro del Portillo 12.455 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. and Michael K. Iwama, PhD, MSc, BSc, BScOT, OT(C), Associate Professor, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation,Sciences, and Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine,University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Theory and practice


Professional reasoning in context


Occupational performance and adaptation models


Person-environment-occupation models


Canadian model of occupational performance and engagement


Model of human occupation


Kawa model


Occupational therapy concepts