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Valvular Heart Disease

ISBN: 9781840761368
ISBN: 9781840761368

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The study of valvular heart disease has progressed rapidly over the past two decades. The understanding of etiology and natural history, the precision of noninvasive assessment, and the surgical and interventional management of valve disease have all improved dramatically. Coupled with an appreciation of physiologic principles, thoughtful interviews and physical exam, current technology allows clinicians to characterize all types of valve lesion. In addition, evolving techniques in interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery, guided by quantitative outcome analysis, have reduced the morbidity and mortality of these procedures.
Reflecting all the above and evidence-based medical practice, the authors aim to provide a concise and straightforward guide to the recognition and management of valvular heart disease, complemented by current guidelines and abundant high quality images. It will be a valuable reference for all involved in the care of patients with valvular heart disease, including cardiologists in practice and training, young hospital doctors, general physicians, cardiac nurse specialists, and medical students.


Approach to the patient
Cardiac murmurs
Prevention of valvular heart disease
Aortic stenosis
Chronic aortic Regurgitation
Acute aortic regurgitation
Mitral stenosis
Mitral valve prolapse
Chronic mitral regurgitation
Acute mitral regurgitation
Pulmonic stenosis
Pulmonic regurgitation
Tricuspid stenosis
Tricuspid regurgitation
Mixed single valve disease
Multiple valve disease
Infective endocarditis
Drug induced valvular heart disease
Prosthetic heart valves
Pregnancy and valvular heart disease
Valvular heart disease in the elderly
Quality improvement in valvular heart disease