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Antiseizure Medication Interactions. A Clinical Guide

ISBN: 9783030827892
ISBN: 9783030827892
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This significantly revised fourth edition provides a practically orientated guide to interactions associated with antiseizure medications. It describes pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic antiseizure medication (ASM) interactions, including details of the magnitude and mechanism of interactions, and also of drug combinations that are not associated with interactions and therefore can be co-prescribed without undue concern.

Presented in alphabetical order and by drug class, drug interactions that occur between ASMs and also between ASMs and non- ASMs are described in three sections: Drug interactions between ASMs; Drug interactions between ASMs and non- ASM Drugs: Interactions affecting ASMs; Drug interactions between ASMs and non ASM Drugs: Interactions affected by ASMs. The latest data on all drug interactions is presented. New agents discussed include cannabidiol, cenobamate, everolimus and fenfluramine,.


Antiseizure Medication Interactions: A Clinical Guide, 4th Edition concisely presents the most recent developments and data available on the topic. Therefore, enabling physicians and allied health professionals to make more rational choices when ASM polytherapy regimens are required. It will be of interest to medical professionals in disciplines including neurology, psychiatry and pediatrics.