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Basics of Comprehensive IVUS-Guided PCI

ISBN: 9789811956577
ISBN: 9789811956577
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This practical guidebook describes all aspects of the Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), sharing many tips & tricks for the basic to advanced use of the technology in daily clinical practice. Chapters describe in detail how to interpret several IVUS findings to apply for PCI strategies, help readers understand the pathogenesis in different cases, as well as the mechanisms of PCI. Practical approaches to performing effective PCI will be discussed with case presentations. Chapters outline many practical topics such as reviewing the IVUS images demonstrating plaque characteristics. Also, a hot topic in stentless PCI, and a special section on the relationship between IVUS measurements and physiological assessments including fractional flow reserve (FFR).


Basics of Comprehensive IVUS-Guided PCI is a book to be read by PCI operators, interventional fellows, and staff such as radiology technicians, clinical engineering technicians, and nurses in catheterization laboratories. It also attracts engineers and sales representatives working at medical companies who are curious about IVUS-guided PCI. The authors are experts of IVUS-guided PCI and they will broaden the understanding of the technology to entry level to intermediate operators.