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Breast Imaging

Case Review Series

ISBN: 9780323087223
ISBN: 9780323087223

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Case Review Series

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Effectively prepare for certification, recertification, and practice with Breast Imaging: Case Review, 2nd Edition! Case studies illustrate how to make confident, final diagnoses through accurate pattern recognition, clinical correlation, and differential diagnosis. Its an ideal way to test and deepen your knowledge of all essential topics in breast imaging.


  • Prepare for the new Board exam format with an updated organization that provides 4-5 multiple-choice review questions for each case.
  • Review 200 cases organized by level of difficulty, with multiple-choice questions, answers, and rationales that mimic the new format of certification and recertification exams.
New To This Edition:
  • Stay current with the aid of updated cases covering breast MR imaging, digital breast imaging, image-guided biopsy, imaging of high-risk lesions (ADH, LCIS), high-risk patient management, invasive lobular carcinoma, complex cystic cancer, male breast cancer, mucinous carcinoma, MRI of DCIS, desmoid tumors, and much more.
  • See examples of the latest imaging approaches, including digital mammography, MRI, and color Doppler US.
  • Alleviate exam anxiety and sharpen your clinical skills with visual guidance from entirely new high-quality, state-of-the-art images representing a wide range of clinical situations – available online at www.casereviewsonline.com.


1. Opening Round Cases
2. Fair Game Cases
3. Challenge Cases