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CSF Rhinorrhea. Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Skull Base Reconstruction

ISBN: 9783030947835
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This comprehensive book is divided into 6 parts that cover all topics related to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF ) rhinorrea. It provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, and includes teaching material as well as evidence-based scientific content.

The introductory part presents the skull base anatomy, CSF physiology, pathophysiology of skull base defects as well as the role of imaging in this condition. The second and third parts provide details of different diagnostic features and conservative management. The fourth and central part thoroughly illustrates surgical approaches for this clinical condition and follows a similar structure, describing each surgical procedure step-by-step. The fifth part sheds light on the postoperative management and the long-term follow up, while the last part addresses miscellaneous topics, such as quality of life, outcome measures, and medico-legal issues.

The book is enriched by a wealth of high-quality figures and online videos that illustrate real-world clinical cases, and each chapter features a summary box, key points and a conclusion. The contributors are leading experts in the field and include authorities and inventors of skull base surgical approaches and reconstruction techniques. The multidisciplinary panel of authors – from 6 continents – consists of neurosurgeons, radiologists and anesthesiologists. The book is intended for medical, surgical and paramedic professionals, and is a valuable resource for all levels – from medical students to consultants.