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Learning from Clinical Cases in Primary Care. For MRCGP and Beyon

ISBN: 9781032577203
ISBN: 9781032577203
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This new book is designed around twenty clinical cases, each representative of scenarios encountered by doctors who work in primary care and which will prompt learning in related issues surrounding each clinical scenario. Each case description concludes with an initial exam style question which MRCGP candidates will recognise as being directed towards learning for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT). An expanded answer to that initial question is followed by a detailed explanation, concluding with further questions for self-assessment and reflection.

The cases also provide a template for the preparation of the Simulated Consultation Assessment (SCA) component of the MRCGP exam and can be used by trainers and trainees alike as a prototype for role play. Some cases offer learning opportunities through discussion of discrete clinical entities whilst others use the clinical cases to introduce the reader to broader concepts which often need grappling with in primary care.

Key Features:

  • True-to-life problems illustrate the complex interplay between patient and doctor in the consultation process
  • Content reflects the natural variation in disease presentation, not just from patient to patient but in the same patient at different times
  • Text interspersed with bullet points and important tips to aid the learning process
  • Multiple choice questions expand knowledge around inter-related topics and provide further invaluable preparation for the AKT and SCA

Covering the wide range of specialities that are encountered in primary care, the book reflects the remarkable breadth of clinical knowledge that is required of a primary care practitioner and demonstrates why general practice remains a challenging but rewarding specialty to master.


Section One: Cases

Case One: The metamorphosis of disease presentation

Case Two: Kawasaki disease

Case Three: Subclinical hypothyroidism

Case Four: Hyperemesis gravidarum

Case Five: Tinnitus

Case Six: Febrile seizures

Case Seven: Acne

Case Eight: Outbreak

Case Nine: Statistics 1

Case Ten: Statistics 2

Case Eleven: Recurrent abdominal pain

Case Twelve: Pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

Case Thirteen: Parkinson’s disease

Case Fourteen: Tiredness all the time

Case Fifteen: Chronic insomnia

Case Sixteen: Vertigo

Case Seventeen: Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Case Eighteen: Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Case Nineteen: Recurrent candida infection

Case Twenty: Polymyalgia rheumatica


Section Two: Answers to AKT Questions