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Neuro-Oncology for the Clinical Neurologist


ISBN: 9780323694940

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11-14 ημέρες


In the growing field of neuro-oncology, the past few years have witnessed rapid advances in tumor classification, treatment modalities, and the role of neurologists and neuro-oncologists. Neuro-Oncology for the Clinical Neurologist is a first-of-its-kind resource that focuses on patient-clinical scenarios relevant to the practicing neurologist-bringing you up to date with everything from basic principles and neuro-oncology imaging consults to neurologic complications of radiation, systemic, and immune-based therapies, and much more.

Size: 191 X 235 mm Product Type: Hardcover




Roy Strowd




Roy Strowd




Roy Strowd


Section 1: Basic principles of neuro-oncology

1. Fundamentals of neuropathology: introduction to neuropathology and molecular diagnostics


Sonika Dahiya and Shakti Ramkissoon


2. Surgical considerations for brain and spine tumors


Michelle Marie Williams, Stephen B. Tatter, and Adrian W. Laxton


3. Introduction to radiation therapy


Emily Schapira, Marc R. Bussière, and Helen A. Shih


4. Evidence-based approaches to chemotherapy for gliomas


Alessia Pellerino, Federica Franchino, Roberta Rudà, and Riccardo Soffietti


Section 2: Neuro-oncology imaging consults

5. Evaluation of a dural-based lesion


Carol Parks Geer and David Wayne Robinson


6. Evaluation of a supratentorial parenchymal brain lesion


Albert E. Kim and Elizabeth R. Gerstner


7. Evaluation of an infratentorial lesion


David E. Kram, Jacob J. Henderson, and Daniel E. Couture


8. Imaging of spinal lesions


Teddy Earl Kim, Carl Nechtman, and Wesley Hsu


9. Evaluation of peripheral nerve lesions


K. Ina Ly and Justin T. Jordan


Section 3: Approach to patients with primary and secondary CNS tumors

10. Approach to the meningioma patient


Jennifer Lynn Franke, Christina Jackson, and Michael Lim


11. Approach to the low-grade glioma patient


Carlos G. Romo, Ananyaa Sivakumar, and Matthias Holdhoff


12. Approach to the high-grade glioma patient


David Olayinka Kamson and Stuart Grossman


13. Approach to the CNS lymphoma patient


Ahmad Nader Kassem and David M. Peereboom


14. Approach to a brain metastasis patient


Michael H. Soike and Michael D. Chan


15. Approach to the leptomeningeal metastases patient


Jigisha Thakkar and Priya Kumthekar


Section 4: Inherited tumor syndromes in neuro-oncology

16. Approach to patients with the neoplasms associated with
neurofibromatosis type 1, neurofibromatosis type 2, and schwannomatosis


Jaishri O. Blakeley, Shannon Langmead, and Peter de Blank


17. Approach to the patient with tuberous sclerosis


Mary T. Silvia and Roy Strowd


18. Approach to Von Hippel Lindau, Cowden disease, and other inherited conditions


Sapna Pathak, Thuy M. Vu, and Roy Strowd


Section 5: Neurologic complications of cancer

19. Neurologic complications of cancer


Andrea Wasilewski and Nimish Mohile


20. Paraneoplastic neurologic disorder syndromes


Luisa A. Diaz-Arias and John C. Probasco


21. Perineural spread of cancer


Kutluay Uluc, Laszlo Szidonya, Joao Prola Netto, and Prakash Ambady


22. Cancer-associated plexopathy


Mary Jane Lim-Fat, Patrick Y. Wen, and Ugonma N. Chukwueke


23. Cancer complications in patients with hematologic malignancies


Cristina Valencia-Sanchez, Molly Knox, and Maciej M. Mrugala


Section 6: Neurologic complications of radiation therapy

24. Approach to the patient with radiation necrosis


Jiayi Huang, Lauren E. Henke and Jian Campian


25. Neurologic complications of radiation


Christina Kehl Cramer and Tiffany L. Cummings


26. Uncommon radiation-induced neurologic syndromes


Shivani Sud, Courtney Michelle Vaughn, and Colette Shen


Section 7: Neurologic complications of systemic therapy

27. Approach to the patient with a delayed post-treatment CNS neurotoxicity


Amy Pruitt


28. Approach to chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy


Taylor Brooks and Roy Strowd


Section 8: Neurologic complications of immune-based cancer therapies

29. Neurologic complications of immune checkpoint inhibitors


Sarah E. Mancone and Roy Strowd


30. Neurologic complications associated with CAR T-cell therapy


Stephen J. Bagley


Summary of clinical pearls


Roy Strowd