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Petty’s Principles of Musculoskeletal Treatment and Management, 4th Edition. A Handbook for Therapists

ISBN: 9780323872287
ISBN: 9780323872287
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Petty’s Principles of Musculoskeletal Treatment and Management provides an up-to-date, evidence-based and person-centred guide to musculoskeletal practice.

Edited by leading experts Kieran Barnard and Dionne Ryder, with contributions by highly regarded physiotherapists from across the UK, it provides a comprehensive overview of the principles underpinning physiotherapy for musculoskeletal conditions. It covers basic principles for treating muscles, nerves and joints, as well as anatomy and physiology, clinical reasoning and rehabilitation skills.

This book is a companion to Petty’s Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment, and together both volumes cover everything students need to know to examine, assess and treat patients.

New to this edition
    • New chapters on serious pathology, vascular presentations and advancing clinical practice
    • Expanded content on patient management
    • Chapter summary podcasts
    • New learning outcomes and reflective exercises throughout
Key Features
    • Packed with reflective exercises, illustrations and case studies to bring learning to life
    • Written with students in mind – easy to follow and understand
    • Drawings and photographs to visually enhance descriptions in the text
Author Information
Edited by Kieran Barnard, MSc, BSc (Hons), MCSP, MMACP, Extended Scope Physiotherapist, Hip and Knee Clinical Lead, Sussex MSK Partnership (NHS), Brighton, UK; Private Practitioner, Flex Physiotherapy, Horsham, UK and Dionne Ryder, MSc (Manipulative Therapy), MCSP, MMACP, PGCert (Learning & Teaching),FHEA, Senior Lecturer, Department of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery, School of Health and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK






Function and Dysfunction of Joints

Catherine Hennessey and Ioannis Paneris

Principles of Joint Treatment

Clair Hebron

Function of and Dysfunction of Muscle and Tendon

Paul Comfort and Lee Herrington

Principles of Muscle and Tendon Treatment

Paul Comfort and Lee Herrington

Function and Dysfunction of Nerve

Colette Riehalgh and Annita Schmid

Principles of Nerve Treatment

Colette Riehalgh and Annita Schmid

Considering Vascular Tissue

Alan Taylor and Roger Kerry

Considering Serious Pathology

Sue Greenhalgh, Laura Finucane, Chris Mercer

Understanding and Managing Persistent Pain

Hubert Van Griensven

Principles of Exercise Rehabilitation

Lee Herrington and Simon Spencer

Advancing clinical Practice:



Eg. Amanda Hensmen Crook or Sarah Withers,

Dr Peter Restighini