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Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice

ISBN: 9783031459023
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This book provides a practically applicable guide to the applications of pharmogenomics across medicine. Background information is provided on the mechanisms associated with membrane transporters, drug-metabolizing enzymes and their importance in pharmagenomics. Detailed guidance is subsequently presented on how to apply these techniques in disciplines including cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, transplantation surgery, infectious diseases, anesthesia and analgesia, neurology, psychiatry, primary care, and public health. Clear easy-to-follow instructions are given on how to use big data technologies and public health databases in day-to-day clinical practice.

Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice concisely covers how pharmacogenomic technologies and techniques can be applied in daily medical practice. It is therefore an ideal up-to-date resource for any medical practitioner, trainee or researcher across all medical disciplines who want to better understand how to use these techniques.

  • Provides algorithms to assist the reader understand how to select appropriate dosages
  • Covers how pharmacogenomics can be applied across multiple medical disciplines
  • Describes the applications of big data in pharmacogenomics