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Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems: Material and Technological Advances

ISBN: 9789819919253
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This book provides an insight into state-of-art developments in pulmonary drug delivery systems. It comprises several chapters covering a wide range of promising technologies and novel materials explored for developing effective pulmonary drug delivery systems. The initial book chapters elucidate role of thin film freezing, supercritical fluid technology, nano-in-micro particles system, crystal-engineered microstructures and porous particles in pulmonary drug delivery. The subsequent book chapters elaborate on various functional excipients such as chitosan, cyclodextrins, and Vitamin E-TPGS to attain local and systemic therapeutic action. There are book chapters focused on diverse novel carrier systems such as hydrogels, quantum dots, metal-organic framework, and prodrug approach. Additionally, book also contains chapters, exclusively dedicated to biologicals and numerical simulation in pulmonary therapeutics.

The book chapters follow a sequential order, beginning with the pulmonary relevance of technology or polymeric materials, carrier synthesis schemes, current technical state-of-art, along with clinical, industrial, and regulatory aspects. Each chapter contains a future perspective section that will systematically reflect the current state of advances in pulmonary drug delivery. It also offers a practical basis for audience to understand the design and function of the delivery systems for better therapeutic outcomes. The book provides balanced views by considering the investigations from various scientific domains and industrial knowledge.

Briefly, this book aims to collect, analyse, and bring together the latest developments in pulmonary drug delivery with more focus on materials and technologies. Indeed, this book is a valuable source for readers and researchers who wish to learn more about the advances in pulmonary drug delivery systems.