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Seminars in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781911623540
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Consultation-liaison psychiatry has evolved rapidly in the last decade, with significant expansion of services across the UK. Now in it’s third edition, Seminars in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry provides a current, comprehensive, practically orientated guide that covers clinical topics, education, service development, audit and research. New and updated chapter topics cover the presentation, diagnosis, and management of common conditions, and chapters on organisational topics provide insights into developing and managing the context within which practice takes place. Each chapter is informed by the latest research while remaining hands-on in its focus, structured around common clinical scenarios that liaison staff encounter in hospital settings. A practical guide, this book is packed with essential reading for clinicians working at the interface between mental and physical healthcare.

  • Updated third edition, with additional topical and relevant information
  • Practically orientated, providing guidance for common clinical scenarios
  • Unique focus on clinical practice and service development
  • A key resource for core and specialist trainees in psychiatry, supporting both their preparation for MRCPsych exams and their ongoing clinical training


List of contributors
1. The assessment process in consultation-liaison psychiatry Caroline Buck
2. Notes on training pathways in consultation-liaison psychiatry Faye Stanage and Gregory Carter
3. Nursing in consultation-liaison settings Kate Chartres and Sarah Eales
4. Psychological reaction to physical illness Elspeth Guthrie and Marc Mandell
5. Self harm and suicidal thoughts Allan House
6. Depression in medical settings Elspeth Guthrie
7. Functional somatic symptoms Constanze Hausteiner-Wiehle and Peter Henningsen
8. Alcohol misuse Rachel Thomasson and Ashokkumar Shishodia
9. Substance misuse Matthew Kelleher
10. Psychosis in general hospital settings Seri Abraham, Daniel Kaitiff, Samira Malik, Annie Clark and Rachel Thomasson
11. Acute behavioural disturbance in the general hospital Ankush Singhal, Sridevi Sira Mahalingappa, Deepa Bagepalli Krishnan and Rachel Thomasson
12. The neurology: psychiatry interfance Annalie Clark and Rachel Thomasson
13. Perinatal psychiatry Sarah Jones, Aaron McMeekin, Ipshita Mukherjee and Laura Murphy
14. Paediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry Rachel Elvins, Louisa Draper, Neelo Aslam and Ruth Marshall
15. Psychological treatment Elspeth Guthrie
16. Legal and ethical issues in CL psychiatry Elena Baker-Glenn and Annabel Price
17. Social aspects of consultation-liaison psychiatry Dr Max Henderson
18. Education for acute hospital staff Mathew arrison and Max Henderson
19. Considerations in the planning and delivery of consultation-liaison psychiatry services Allan House
20. Outcome measurement in consultation-liaison psychiatry Allan House
21. The Evidence Base for consultation-liaison psychiatry Elspeth Guthrie
22. Primary care consultation-liaison services Chris Schofield and Philippa Bolton
23. Emergency department psychiatry Alex Thomson and Rikke Albert
24. Setting standards for consultation-liaison psychiatry services Jim Bolton
25. Policy to practice: developing consultation-liaison psychiatry services Peter Aitken and William Lee
26. Consultation-liaison psychiatry, four international perspectives Gregory Carter, Wolfgang Soellner, Jim Levenson and Kathleen Sheehan