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Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Vol. 2, 17th ed., English/Latin, 17th Edition. Internal Organs

ISBN: 9780702067662
ISBN: 9780702067662



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17η έκδοση


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Studying anatomy is fun! Recognising the structures on the dissection, understanding their relationships and gaining
an overview of how they work together assures confident study and transition into clinical practice.

The Sobotta Atlas shows authentic illustrations of the highest quality, drawn from genuine specimens, guaranteeing
the best preparation for the gross anatomy class and attestation.

Sobotta focuses on the basics, making it totally comprehensive. Every tiny structure has been addressed according to
current scientific knowledge and can be found in this atlas. Themes relevant to exams and sample questions from oral
anatomy exams help to focus the study process.

The Sobotta Atlas is the optimal learning atlas for studying, from the first semester till the clinical semester. Case studies
present examples and teach clinical understanding. Clinical themes and digressions into functional anatomy are motivating
and impart valuable information for prospective medical practice.

With over 100 years of experience in 17 editions and thousands of unique anatomical illustrations, Sobotta achieves
ongoing success.

The volume Inner Organs contains the chapters:

Organs of the thoracic cavity
Topography – Heart – Lung – Oesophagus – Cross-sectional images

Organs of the abdominal cavity
Development – Topography – Stomach – Intestines – Liver and gallbladder Pancreas – Neurovascular pathways – Cross-sectional images

Retroperitoneal space and pelvic cavity
Topography – Kidney and adrenal gland – Efferent urinary tracts – Rectum and anal canal – Male genitalia – Female genitalia – Cross-sectional images

Author Information
Edited by Friedrich Paulsen and Jens Waschke


  • Cover
  • Haupttitel
  • Inhaltsverzeichnis
  • Impressum
  • Biographies
  • Translators
  • Preface of the 25th German edition
  • Any errors?
  • Acknowledgements of the 25th German edition
  • Adresses of the editors in chief
  • Adresses of the translators
  • True-to-life representation is the top priority
  • Picture credits
  • 5. Organs of the thoracic cavity
  • 5.1. Topography
  • 5.2. Heart
  • 5.3. Lung
  • 5.4. Oesophagus
  • 5.5. Cross-sectional images
  • 6. Organs of the abdominal cavity
  • 6.1. Development
  • 6.2. Topography
  • 6.3. Stomach
  • 6.4. Intestines
  • 6.5. Liver and gallbladder
  • 6.6. Pancreas
  • 6.7. Neurovascular pathways
  • 6.8. Cross-sectional images
  • 7. Retroperitoneal space and pelvic cavity
  • 7.1. Topography
  • 7.2. Kidney and adrenal gland
  • 7.3. Efferent urinary tracts
  • 7.4. Rectum and anal canal
  • 7.5. Male genitalia
  • 7.6. Female genitalia
  • 7.7. Cross-sectional images
  • Index