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Student Handbook for Pharmacy Practice Research

ISBN: 9781260474251
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An essential resource for students and residents in pharmacy settings

While there are numerous resources covering basics of drug literature evaluation and evidence-based pharmacy, few books focus on practice-based pharmacy research. Filling the gap in the available literature, Student Handbook for Pharmacy Practice Research provides a practical and systematic framework for conducting practice-based research by students and residents in pharmacy settings.

Each chapter includes learning objectives, a list of new terms featured in the chapter, key points and advice, review questions, and a list of online resources for additional learning or applications. This is an ideal resource for students and residents who undertake capstone or standalone research projects as part of their professional training.

Student Handbook for Pharmacy Practice Research covers:

  • Research design and methodology
  • Practice-based research and protection on human subjects
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Research mentorship
  • Data management and statistical analysis
  • Intervention research
  • Survey research
  • Secondary data research
  • Quality improvement research
  • Peer review and publication process, and more


Part I: Planning for Practice-based Research

1.      Introductionto Practice-based Research

2.      ResearchMentorship and Authorship

3.      ResearchInfrastructure in Pharmacy Settings

4.      Practice-basedResearch Questions and Hypotheses

5.      ResearchDesign and Methodology

6.      ResearchProtocol for Institutional Review Board Review and Other Approvals

7.      Data Managementand Analysis


PartII: Conducting Practice-based Research

8.      Case Reportsand Case Series

9.      InterventionResearch in Pharmacy Settings

10.  ImplementationResearch

11.  SurveyResearch in Pharmacy Settings

12.  PatientReported Outcomes Research

13.  QualityImprovement Research in Pharmacy Settings

14.  SecondaryData Research in Pharmacy Settings

15.  QualitativeResearch in Pharmacy Settings

16.  DrugUtilization Research in Healthcare

17.  PharmacoepidemiologyResearch

18.  Narrative and Scoping Reviews

19.  SystematicReviews and Meta-Analysis

20.  EducationalResearch


Part III: Presenting Practice-based Research

21.  Research Abstractsand Posters

22.  Podiums and OralPresentations

23.  ResearchManuscripts

24.  Peer Reviewand the Publication Process