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The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal and Peripheral Nerve Exam Second Edition

ISBN: 9780826177421
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“This is a unique book, not because of its content, but because its format is designed to be quick and easily accessible to practitioners and trainees. The numerous and very well-constructed tables and figures are genuine stand-out features of this book.” —Doody’s Review Service, 4 stars

New edition of the premier quick reference to conducting thorough musculoskeletal and neuromuscular examinations, now in full color with video.


Comprehensive and concise, the 3-Minute Musculoskeletal and Peripheral Nerve Exam, Second Edition, is a lifeline for beginning learners and a trusted point-of-care reference for seasoned practitioners. Consistently formatted, every exam includes detailed color photographs and step-by-step instructions to describe patient and examiner actions, findings that indicate a positive test and what a positive test signifies–now with sensitivity and specificity data for specific diagnoses.

Organized for rapid retrieval of essential information, the book traverses basic and advanced techniques for joint, muscle, reflex, and nerve exams and includes 180 videos demonstrating the maneuvers. Sections on gait and posture, spinal cord injury, scales and assessments, and a muscle atlas with origins and insertions offer additional diagnostic support. Packed with practical tables and illustrations, including anatomic pathways of peripheral nerves and the structures they innervate, this indispensible guide belongs in the pocket of any provider performing musculoskeletal or peripheral nerve examinations in the office, hospital, or clinic.

Key Features:

  • Full color photographs and drawings clearly illustrate exam techniques and enhance understanding of surface anatomy
  • 180 videos put you in the exam room to see how it is done
  • Quick reference guide by diagnosis and tables for localization of common problems
  • Purchase includes access to the ebook for mobile use on most devices




List of Videos

Quick Reference Guide by Diagnosis

Chapter 1. Joint Examination

Chapter 2. Muscular Examination

Chapter 3. Reflex Examination

Chapter 4. Peripheral Nerve Examination

Chapter 5. Gait and Posture

Chapter 6. Spinal Cord Injury Examination

Chapter 7. Reference Tables and Resources

Chapter 8. Musculoskeletal Atlas

Chapter 9. Muscle Tables