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The Coordination of Clinical Research

ISBN: 9783132422292
ISBN: 9783132422292

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Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο


A novel and indispensable handbook for clinical research coordinators worldwide

Because “saying isnt doing; doing is doing”: This fourth volume in Mohit Bhandaris series of methodology books, conceived as a transformational guide to executing research for those who coordinate it on a daily basis, focuses not on the design of research projects, but rather on the actual execution of such projects.

Key Features:

  • International group of authors and practicing research coordinators with decades of collective hands-on experience
  • Includes many crucial, but often neglected, topics such as principles of successful grant writing, working with study budgets, ethics and consent forms, regulatory versus standard trials, coordinating and conducting observational research and randomized clinical trials, and much more
  • Many helpful templates and sample forms with checklists, consent forms, budget outlines, and more

A broad readership including scientists, physicians, surgeons, epidemiologists and statisticians, and industry research and development directors will welcome this unique and valuable book.

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