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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

ISBN: 9780367558154
ISBN: 9780367558154
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Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in Radiology is an important topic of discussion. Advances in AI—which encompass machine learning, artificial neural networks, and deep learning—are increasingly being applied to diagnostic imaging. While some posit radiologists are irreplaceable, certain AI proponents have proposed to “stop training radiologists now.” By compiling perspectives from experts from various backgrounds, this book explores the current state of AI efforts in Radiology along with the clinical, financial, technological, and societal perspectives on the role and expected impact of AI in Radiology.


Technology in medicine – disruptive innovation

Chapter 1: Clinical view

Ranson Liao 

Chapter 2: Technological view

Suely Fazio Ferraciolli; Edson Saito; Eduardo Farina; Léo Max Feuerschuette Neto; Osvaldo Landi Junior; Felipe Campos Kitamura

Chapter 3: Societal view

Ribhav Gupta; Heena Shah; Rajiv Dharnipragada; Ronit Gupta

Chapter 4: Financial view

Charlene Liew Jin Yee


Radiology’s role in medicine

Chapter 5: Clinical view

Christian Bluthgen

Chapter 6: Technological view

Abhishta Bhandari 

Chapter 7: Societal view

Krithika Rangarajan

Chapter 8: Financial view

Youngmin Chu

What is AI?

Chapter 9: Clinical view

Christian Federau

Chapter 10: Technological view

Bilwaj Gaonkar

Chapter 11: Societal view

Amy Patel

Chapter 12: Financial view

Christian Park


Current state of AI in radiology

Chapter 13: Clinical view

Alexander Jacobs

Chapter 14: Technological view

Mireia Crispin Ortuzar

Chapter 15: Societal view

Suely Fazio Ferraciolli

Chapter 16: Financial view

Florian Dubost


AI applications in development

Chapter 17: Clinical view

Leonid Chepelev

Chapter 18: Technological view

Tyler Gathman

Chapter 19: Societal view

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer

Chapter 20: Financial view

David Wu


Potential of AI

Chapter 21: Clinical view

Joseph Maldjian

Chapter 22: Technological view

William Hsu

Chapter 23: Societal view

Amy Patel

Chapter 24: Financial view

David Wu


Expectations – radiologists’ jobs, job satisfaction, salary, role in society

Chapter 25: Clinical view

Amy Patel

Chapter 26: Technological view

Dr Kline

Chapter 27: Societal view

Benard Botwe

Chapter 28: Financial view

Mohammad Aghazadeh


Attitudes – implementation feasibility

Chapter 29: Clinical view

Christina Malamateniou

Chapter 30: Technological view

David Wu; Alexander Jacobs

Chapter 31: Societal view

Risto Filippi

Chapter 32: Financial view

David Wu


Technology determinism

Chapter 33: Clinical view

Suely Fazio Ferraciolli

Chapter 34: Technological view

Rajiv Dharnipragada

Chapter 35: Societal view

Rajiv Dharnipragada

Chapter 36: Financial view

David Wu; Megan Kollitz